3-Star Cylinder Is Six Times Anti

Featuring a brass barrel and a nickel cylinder, Kenrick’s new euro cylinder is anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-screw, anti-drill and anti-pull.

Kenrick describes its 3-star product as its most secure cylinder ever. It has been approved to TS007: 2014 British Standard rating – the highest level of certification currently available.

The cylinder is endorsed by Secured by Design. It features multiple high security pins to provide maximum security and excellent resistance against all known cylinder attack methods.

The cylinder meets the standards of TS007 on both sides of the cylinder, which means that fabricators only need to stock one cylinder for both open in and open-out doors. It is also compatible with an A1 key blank, so homeowners can easily buy additional keys from the high street if they need to.



Steve Williams, Kenrick’s sales and marketing director, says: “In 2021/2022, there were more than 192,000 burglaries reported in England and Wales, which equates to over 500 burglaries a day. And, with a door being used to gain access in more than 70% of burglaries, the choice of hardware is really important.

“We’ve launched our new second generation 3-star cylinder, which eliminates any possibility of tampering with the cylinder through picking, drilling, snapping, bumping, pulling or screwing, therefore offering maximum protection for homeowners.”



The cylinder comes in a polished brass or a nickel-plated finish and can be retro-fitted with no additional preparation. It is available as paired alike or thumb turn and in all sizes from 70mm to 110mm in 5mm increments. The cylinder has also been tested to 100,000 cycles and comes with a 10-year mechanical guarantee.


Picture: The new second generation 3-star cylinder from Kenrick.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
26th April 2023


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