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Rates & Mechanical Data

We believe the best way to ensure engagement with our advertiser customers is to be committed to our readerships - ensuring they are presented with quality, relevant editorial no matter which of our four current channels they are accessing.

The Installer Magazine The Fabricator Magazine

Profinder Media still holds the largest database of installers and fabricators in the market and we work with our other data partners to ensure we get our messages - and our advertisers' messages - get to the right people at the right time.

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Top Wrap Banners (Masthead) Advertisements

Advert Size: 2500px x 300px

Category Sections - £250 per month

Home Page & News PLUS E-Newsletter £790 per month

These are Premium Advertisements - hugely and unmissably visible and yet at a remarkably affordable price. If you want impact; if you want to make a statement; these adverts are for you.

Each Category Section can accommodate a Top Wrap Banner on either a solus or shared space basis. They appear at the Category Section Home Page level and on every single story that appears within that Section.

The Home Page and the News Section Home Page is sold as a package - with the Top Wrap Banner appearing on every single News Story.

Standard Sidebar Advertisement

Advert Size: 120px x 240px

Category Sections - £100 per month

Home Page & News £150 per month

Perfect for getting your key brand messages across while maintaining your profile in front of existing and potential customers in either static or animated formats.

They appear at the Category Section Home Page level and on every single story that appears within that Section or on the Home Page and the News Section Home Page - appearing on every single News Story.

Pop-out Sidebar Advertisement

Advert Size: 120px x 240px

PLUS up to 80 words of text

Category Sections - £125 per month

Home Page & News £175 per month

Every advert on the site (apart from the Top Banners and Mobile Adverts) has the facility to ‘pop-out’ and reveal additional information about an advertiser. The additional information includes 80 words – the perfect length to capture respondents’ interest and direct them back to your website via the inclusive link button.

A Pop-out Sidebar Advertisement is still sized at 120px X 240px in the closed position but in pop-out mode, provides up to an additional six times the viewable area.

Mobile Site Advertisement

Advert Size: 320px x 450px

Category Sections - £250 per month

Home Page & News - £350 per month

The site is optimised for mobile but goes further by having mobile specific adverts. Like the Top Wrap Banners, these are Premium Advertisements - hugely and unmissably visible and yet at a remarkably affordable price.


They appear at the Home Page level; at the News Section Home page level; and at the Category Home Page level.

All Adverts can be flat or animated – we recommend animations feature no more than four screens. jPEG and GIFFS are preferred formats. Sizes must be precise.


Whether you require sales leads, brand awareness or you’re launching a new product or service or promoting an event, we can tailor-make a campaign according to your objectives and your budget.

And we can measure the results. Our sophisticated backend system counts page impressions, page views  and Click Throughs so we can tell you exactly how your advert is performing.


The supporting E-Newsletter is delivered every Wednesday and Friday with the Friday edition being re-sent to unopens on Monday morning. These principles ensure an overall open rate that is higher than the average for the publishing sector.

Between our print, email and online channels, The Fabricator reaches named individuals in 5,800 operations with larger fabricators or IGU manufacturers receiving multiples, bringing the total reach to  8,760.  The Installer reaches 11,600 named individuals.

The backend of our sophisticated website systems also include a whole range of keywords and tags to make them more visible to social media and search engines, while our social media operations not only extend our reach further but also ensure our online channels are accessed again and again on a daily basis - be that on a desktop, tablet or via our fully optimised for mobile offering.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship of both The Installer and The Fabricator isn’t just about adverts and logos, it is also about ensuring our sponsors are included all the channels we engage through and benefit from our market information and list of contacts.

A Sponsorship starts with a Sponsor's Page on either website which includes a Top Wrap Banner Advert, a dedicated Sidebar with all the information anyone visiting the page would want to know about the Sponsor. The main body of the page is available for the Sponsor to do as they wish. It can simply contain additional information that doesn't change too often - or it can change as often as the Sponsor wishes. It can include a range of marketing items; it can contain any article or indeed series of articles; and of course, it can contain all the Sponsors latest videos (which will also be uploaded to our Videos Section).

Sponsors benefit from having the content regularly promoted through our E-mail Newsletters and via our Social Media channels - and each Sponsor's Page is loaded with Social Media buttons so readers can post directly from the Page.

Each Sponsor's Logo will appear on every page we produce - so that's at the Home Page Level; the News Section Level; all Section Category levels; our Self Generated Pages level...and every single story we produce on a daily basis. That means a Sponsor's Logo will appear hundreds of times throughout the site. And will also appear on every E-Newsletter we send out.

Value: £6,000.00 per annum

All Sponsors receive an automatic 10% discount on all advertising in all four media channels.

Promotional Articles

Category Sections - £450 per month

Home Page & News - £650 per month

Includes a 650 word article with up to 3 pictures which is promoted via a prominent sidebar link on either The Home Page, the News Section Home Page and on every News Story or a prominent sidebar link on any chosen Category Section Home Page and every Story in that Section. The article will also be promoted via the E-Newsletter and via Profinder Media's Social Media channels. Each Promotional Article comes with the opportunity to include a Top Wrap Banner and a Sidebar Advert included in the price. Each Promotional Article also comes with an exclusive Additional Information Panel where the company featured can add a variety of information including company details and a logo.

The article will be edited to house style which does not allow any unfounded or unqualified claims but does allow for a commercial proposition to be presented. The headline should be no more than 30 characters long and is subject to editing.