Central Excel As Project Drives Them Up The Wall

A block of flats

Installer Excel 2000 Windows has completed £2.5 million curtain wall installation with the help of system supplier Central Window Systems.

The two companies worked together and with the architects and main contractors on the design of five residential housing blocks, which were previously fitted with open balconies and cladding.

Once the original cladding had been stripped off, the solution was a curtain wall system, allowing the architects to give the building an attractive and contemporary aesthetic of aluminium and glass.

Central manufactured the front elevations, while Excel 2000 Windows manufactured the rear of the curtain wall installation.


“As with many existing buildings, it was a challenge to come up with a suitable solution. In this case, we worked closely with Excel 2000 Windows to find something that would suit the irregular slabs that were already in place, as well as the resin floors that needed to be cut out."

-Paul Woods

Director, Central Window Systems


Best fit

“These buildings weren’t originally designed to incorporate curtain walling, so we helped to carefully work out a solution that would not only suit the building itself but also every other trades following on from us," continues Central Window Systems' Woods. “And of course, the project came with several challenges. For example, we had to work carefully to install around existing ducting for the mechanical and electrical components.

“The angle in the middle where the screens met was also quite complicated and required a lot of thought when we were in the design phase - but it was just a matter of working with that level of detail.”

Central Window Systems is the result of a recent merge between Central RPL, one of the Midlands’ largest fabricators of PVC-U products and Central ASL, a manufacturer of aluminium products. The company has a long-standing relationship with Excel 2000 Windows, having helped them on several installation projects in the past – mainly through the PVC-U division.

Woods adds: continues: “Not many people envisage Central Window Systems carrying out these types of projects. Many of our customers are familiar with our expertise in installing a house full of windows or doing standard installations on schools and shopfronts but not many would associate us with bigger projects like this.

“In conjunction with Excel 2000 Windows, the Rubery installation is a testament to the fact that we’re not just a bi-fold, window and door business – we’re a serious commercial company, dedicated to helping our customers.”

Picture: A £2.5 million curtain wall installation has been completed Installer Excel 2000 Windows and Central Window Systems collaborated to get the job done.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
27th May 2021


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