Clean Slate For Liteslate - Accessory Range Launched

Lightweight roofing tiles

Liteslate is a synthetic slate roofing tile with the characteristics of a traditional slate tile. The manufacturer, Britmet Lightweight Roofing, has cleaned up its offering with an accessory range.

During the design process or the original product, real Welsh slate was used to perfect the aesthetics and performance qualities.

The accessory range includes:

  • Liteslate Ridge - a ridge top cap that can be used on ridges and hips as it bends to meet pitch requirements.

  • Ridge End Cap – a prefabricated ridge end cap designed to speed up project installation time.

  • Hip End Cap 90 – to provide a 90-degree hip, including those on Edwardian Conservatories.

  • Hip End Cap 135 – to provide a 135-degree hip, including thos on Victorian Conservatories.

  • Liteslate Tile Vent – is designed to provide roof space ventilation without compromising the roof structure or aesthetic design.

  • Liteslate 3-way Ridge to Hip Junction - this flashing provides the easy solution to ‘ridges to hip' junctions.


 “Our Liteslate flashing range will offer the installer something of real value that will make life easier and will be more cost-effective to use on-site.”

– Chris Powell 

Sales & marketing director, Liteslate



Britmet is quickly becoming known for producing sustainable options for the lightweight roofing marketplace. Over 90% of the polymers that Liteslate is made from are recycled. In 2021, Britmet recycled over three million kilograms of polypropylene during its manufacturing process.

Picture: Britmet has launched a Liteslate flashing range.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
24th April 2022


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