FLiP Faster To Fit

Two years on from the initial launch, DoorCo improved its door glazing cassette system, FLiP, in response to customer feedback. It is now more robust and quicker to install.

Mark Towers, the head of operations at the firm says: “The benefits that our cassette customers love remains unchanged including the ‘Foam In Place’ technology, where the system is pre-foamed at our Macclesfield warehouse for weather resistance whilst eliminating the need for glazing tape or wet seals.

“It is still totally re-glazeable.”


New connector system

Towers continues: “We now have a new connector system. It is substantially more robust, simpler to use and provides added security features. For example, the new corners and straight connectors come in two parts so they can clamp to the inside and outside of the door and glass. One part is also pre-fixed to the external cassette, making glass installation much easier. We have added additional corner bosses to the cassette frames helping to reduce corner flair, which in turn delivers more security with a 3-screw corner connector in each corner.

“The internal straight and corner connector are also now pre-screwed, taking away another step from the installation process. Albeit a small thing, when working at volume any time savings make a big difference.”

“FLiP can now be installed in a twin vertical door like our Carnoustie in around 7 minutes, thanks to these small changes.”


Picture: DoorCo’s FLiP glazing cassette system has been improved.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
08th November 2023


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