Future Is Bright With Glow

Paul Higgins, the commercial director of glass products manufacturer TuffX, discusses the demand for energy efficient home improvements and introduces the company’s latest innovation – bi-fold door glass that heats the home.

That may not leave us much time to implement necessary changes when the final decisions are made. However, one thing is certain, the more energy efficient products we can supply, the better.

With or without the Future Homes Standard, consumers want warmer homes that feel better protected from the elements and they want to spend less on their fuel bills to achieve it. This is what we need to deliver and we need to start thinking outside the box to do it.


Electrically heated double-glazing

This is precisely what we have done with our Glow bi-fold doors. Glow electrically heated double-glazing works in a similar way to underfloor heating. The heat generated is generous offering temperatures up to 40°C, radiating into a room to create a warm and cosy space while reducing energy consumption. It is controlled by a thermostat so it can be turned on and off as needed.


Main or additional het source

Glow heated bi-fold doors can be used as a primary heat source or offer a great additional heat source in an otherwise colder extension or conservatory for example. And in the warmer months it continues performing with a U-value of 1.2 giving it optimum energy efficiency all year round.

The other advantage to using this technology in extensions or conservatories or in smaller homes or open plan spaces, is that it doesn’t require the wall space that traditional radiators do. Even homeowners with more spacious properties, can struggle to fit furniture in a room by the time you’ve taken account of internal and external doors, windows and radiators, so saving space is a great selling point. It’s a similar benefit to that offered by underfloor heating but without the level of disruption required during installation.


Invisible technology

Homeowners can also rest assured that Glow bi-folding doors will look the same as any other bi-fold door. The system uses a standard sealed unit that is layered with invisible intelligent coatings to create conductive heat transfer into the home. The glass is not tinted and there is no other visible trace of a heating system within the glass. In fact, the only difference they may notice with Glow bi-folds, is that there is no more unsightly condensation on the glass, which also means that these doors will need less maintenance than other bi-fold options.


The complete package for installers

From an installer’s perspective, Glow bi-folds offer a great addition to any portfolio. They are straightforward to install because they have been designed to connect directly to a property’s eletricity supply, although we would recommend that a qualified electrician carries out the electrical connection to ensure a completely safe and hassle-free installation.

Every order comes complete with a full installation guide and we are offering additional support to our trade partners to pass on to their installers. This support includes full training on the features and benefits of Glow as well as correct installation methods. It will also cover the product’s compliance credentials including the fact that it conforms with EN12150 and EN1279 Parts 1 to 4 and is compliant with the Future Homes Standard (FHS) 2025-2.


Above and beyond

Whatever form the final Future Homes Standard takes, energy efficient home improvements are now an essential part of any portfolio. Going above and beyond this basic requirement will become more important to installers that want to stand out from the competition and Glow bi-fold doors offer a fantastic solution to do just that.        


Picture: Electrically heated double-glazing from TuffX


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
10th May 2024


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