I Think We Got Ourselves A Convoy - £1 Billion Project Rolling

£1 billion worth of homes will be developed at Convoys Wharf.

Planning permission has been granted for £1 billion worth of homes at Convoys Wharf - at 40 acres, it is the single largest development site in the London Borough of Deptford.

Deptford was once home to one of South-East London's roughest dockside communities. Like much of the capital, it has been gentrified beyond recognition - but the  redevelopment site has not actually been accessible for any public project in 100 years. It was first used as part of Henry the Eight's Royal Dockyard (early 1500s).

Plans were first submitted by Convoys Properties Limited in spring 2013 for the comprehensive redevelopment of the site but wrangles have caused delay up until now. In fact the original granting of planning permission was called in by the Mayor of London in October 2013 and then re-granted in September 2014. Further discussions between Lewisham and the developers have been going on ever since.

The original 2013 plan allowed for up to 3,500 new homes; space allocated for shops, restaurants, cafes and a hotel; 1,800 car parking spaces; public open spaces; public transport improvements including a river bus service;  renovation of the Olympia Building, a Grade II listed warehouse; and three tall buildings (two at 38 storeys and one at 48 storeys).

For full details of the November 2019 plans - Click Here


Phase 1

The first plot (22) of the regeneration will start with the building of 460 flats. This will be followed by the development of a further 21 pots. The Hutchison Property Group (which now owns the site) is the developer working with urban design practice, Farrells and Glenn Howells Architects, along with landscape and architecture specialist Gillespies and Andy Sturgeon Design.

To see the summary of proposals for Plots 08, 15 and 22 - Click Here


Fully consented

Farrells is currently working on the detailed design for the 460 residential units, the first phase of the fully consented 22 plot Farrells masterplan.

Overall, Farrells consented masterplan for Deptford will include three new public parks totalling 3 acres, 120 shops, restaurants and cafes and space for cultural usage. It will link to and enhance the existing High Street and historic town centre, and create over 2000 new jobs for local people.


Planning permission

It was BPTW that eventually helped secure the outline planning permission to build up to 3,500 new homes at Convoys Wharf that will open up the waterfront and the Thames Path for the first time in a century, as well as deliver a range of commercial and community spaces, including a new school, healthcare facilities, retail spaces and public realm.

Given the scale of the site and the value of its riverfront location, the development of the scheme was met with significant public interest. In consideration of this, BPTW’s application was informed by an extensive community and stakeholder consultation process, undertaken to achieve support and ensure that the proposed design reflected the aspirations of the community as well as the client.

Pictures: £1 billion worth of homes will be developed at Convoys Wharf.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
11th June 2020


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