If The Job's A Goodun Then Credit Where Credit Is Due

Don's new windows

Don Waterworth, The Installer's technical expert, has recently had new windows put in. Having inspected satisfactory jobs and seen plenty of bad jobs, Don knows when the job's a goodun.


 “For the last 30 plus years, I spent my time inspecting unsatisfactory products and shoddy installation standards, and it does become a bit monotonous."

– Don Waterworth 

Technical Author for The Installer



There are occasions however when I inspect products and/or workmanship where the quality of both elements is quite superb.

The latter of these experiences was provided to me recently when I had the windows at my home replaced.

My original windows were the old Baco in hardwood frames. Yes they were in for some while - 36 years to be precise...and never a failed unit!


Aluminium fan

I am a fan of PVC-U profiles - there are some good ones on the market, yet I am somewhat of a bigger fan of aluminium.  Therefore when I was visiting Sterling UPVC in Warrington, I spotted a sample window in the General Manager's office. I asked about it and was told it was the latest Smart Architectural Aluminium thermal break model. This was a robust 70mm or so well designed and superbly finished product.

I promptly ordered these windows for my house.


Simply the best

These are probably the best windows I have seen for many, many years. Well done Smart Architectural Aluminium, the bar has been raised.

Oh! and by the way, there is not a single person in my street who has not said that they were of the opinion that these were the best, most attractive windows they have seen as well.


Good installers

Finally, I would like to give a pat on the back to the two installers from Sterling UPVC of Warrington. They were clean, tidy, respectful and finished the job to the highest standard.

Great products, professionally installed. Isn't that what all of the industry should be aiming for? 

Picture: Don's new windows.


Article written by Don Waterworth
16th February 2020


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