New Solutions To Manage Physical Distancing

AB Glass' access control temperature monitoring.

AB Glass Access Control and Reveal Systems each have introduced facial recognition/temperature check and space management/occupancy level measures to prioritise worker and customer safety.

AB Access Control is the access control unit of aluminium manufacturing and installation company AB Glass. The company is offering the installation of a cutting-edge access control system for premises that incorporates facial recognition software with the ability to assess the body temperature of the individual seeking access to a building or premises.

The system means a company will be able to assess the health status of employees or visitors and their potential for being infected with Covid-19. The device could be used at any type of workplace including commercial offices, factories or even apartments.

The equipment has a temperature accuracy of plus or minus 0.3 degrees Celsius as long as the person is standing between 0.3 and 0.7 metres away. It can be wall-mounted or free standing and programmed to set off an alarm if the temperature indicates a person might be ill.


 “We have worked through the pandemic, helping our customers in every way we can. But as a lot more companies start to return to the workplace, they will be keen to implement all precautions and safety measures they can to ensure the safety and peace of mind of their employees.”

– Alan Brayley 

Managing Director, AB Glass



“This new offering from AB Access Control is extremely innovative as it allows companies to monitor the health of their employees and the chance of infection on an ongoing basis, making it much easier to avoid further infection. It allows people to return to work knowing that every precaution is being taken to ensure their safety.”


Occupancy reporting

Reveal Systems has developed a series of products to help all industry sectors, including its traditional client base in shopping centres with an APP-based 'near-real-time' occupancy reporting, automated access control and temperature screening at their core.


With future legislation in mind

Reveal Systems Owner and CEO Russell Edwards says: “In anticipation of resolving some of the issues that businesses will face in the coming months, we have developed a series of solutions to provide an immediate response. Provision of systems are only part of the equation, and I anticipate that additional business KPIs in the future will include enforcement and auditable reporting of performance against specified targets. We will be working closely with all industry sectors to develop new products and services as the user requirements plus future legislations and regulations become more defined.”


The new solutions include:

  • Real-time people counting and occupancy reporting.

  • People counting and tracking sensors to count inflow and outflow of any monitored space; this will allow management teams to comply with strict capacity constraints. Options will include outputs to smart devices and variable message LED display panels to provide specific instructions to persons approaching a monitored space.

  • Automated access control gates add another level of control and enforcement. This provides a physical barrier to correctly control visitor numbers while protecting staff and minimising management costs. The gates can be controlled directly from the monitoring system or manually by local override where required.

  • Thermal imaging technology provides the ability to detect anomalies in people, such as high body temperatures. Though unable to detect coronavirus, it is a non-contact solution that is geared towards high-occupancy buildings.

Picture: AB Glass' access control temperature monitoring.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
10th June 2020


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