Public Can’t Spot Leukaemia Symptoms

There is virtually no awareness of how to spot leukaemia. People just don’t know that bleeding, bruising, fatigue and infections are a sign of the blood cancer.

The leading UK leukaemia charities have launched a new campaign to get people talking about the symptoms for blood cancer awareness month throughout September.

Leukaemia is a form of blood cancer which affects people of all ages. 28 people receive a leukaemia diagnosis every day in the UK – that is over 10,000 every year. Overall survival for leukaemia stands at just over 50% making it one of the most deadly forms of cancer.


Early diagnosis

Early diagnosis could saves lives, yet a recent public survey by leukaemia charities Leukaemia UK and Leukaemia Care, found that over that over two-fifths (41%) of respondents could not recognise any of the four most widely reported symptoms of the disease, which kills 5,000 people a year in the UK, and which is often diagnosed too late. The survey was conducted amongst adults in the east of England,

The two charities are collaborating on an important campaign, #SpotLeukaemia, to raise awareness of the symptoms.

Blood cancer is the fifth most common cancer and third deadliest.


“It is extremely worrying that less than 1% of Brits are able to identify the most common symptoms of leukaemia, when 28 people are diagnosed each day in the UK.”

– Fiona Hazell 

Chief executive, Leukaemia UK



“Mortality rates rise sharply after the age of 55. Raising awareness in this age group is critical in order to treat it early and effectively and ultimately to improve survival rates overall,” adds Hazell.


Spot Leukaemia

People who are concerned about any of these symptoms: fatigue, bruising, unusual bleeding and repeated infections – are being strongly urged by the charities to contact their GP and request a blood test.

Other symptoms of leukaemia include fever or night sweats, bone or joint pain and swollen lymph nodes.

More information is available on the Spot Leukaemia website at


Leukaemia Care

Zack Pemberton-Whiteley, chief executive of Leukaemia Care says: "Early diagnosis of leukaemia can improve survival. With over 10,000 people being diagnosed every year with a leukaemia, this shows just how important it is to continue to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms and how much work needs to be done.

"We know that our new Spot Leukaemia video may ruffle some feathers but in order to raise awareness we needed to create something that will fly. It is crucial that if you think you have fatigue, bruising or bleeding or repeated infections that you contact your GP and ask for a blood test. It's as simple as that and we will continue to ‘parrot-on’ about it."




Picture: Perhaps one of the worst campaign videos ever created – but with the best of intentions. Why not share it anyway, it could save a life?


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
13th September 2022


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