Small Office Security Platform Free To Support Small Businesses

BullGuard Small Office Security

A three month license of BullGuard Small Office Security has been offered for free to provide advanced cyber security protection for small businesses, enabling them to focus on their core operations during uncertain, challenging times.

The free offer may be extended past three months if circumstances require.

The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent sudden mass migration of millions of employees who are now working from home has left many companies vulnerable to cyber attack from criminals who see the crisis as just another opportunity to work their vile scams.

The BullGuard offer comes with no financial obligations whatsoever and small businesses don't need to submit any form of credit card payment information to obtain their cybersecurity software license.

The BullGuard Small Office Security platform supports up to 50 Windows, Mac and Android devices and provides robust endpoint cybersecurity protection for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, making it perfect for remote workforces to work safely on their devices from home.


 “Small businesses are in a very challenging position right now, making the sudden transition to working from home without the cybersecurity training, technologies or procedures that are commonplace within enterprise companies.”

– Paul Lipman 

CEO, BullGuard


Predatory instinct

“As a result, many small companies are vulnerable to being compromised by cybercriminals who are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic with predatory instinct,” continues Lipman.


Remote employees

The free, three-month BullGuard Small Office Security product provides small businesses with the endpoint protection they need to ensure their remote employees and businesses are protected against cybercriminals. It provides powerful protection against the very latest threats, including the avalanche of coronavirus themed attacks that cybercriminals have unleashed, such as phishing emails and malware. These particular threats are unlikely to abate until the coronavirus runs its course.


In the cloud

BullGuard Small Office Security is a cloud-managed security service dedicated specifically to the needs of small businesses. Central to the platform is remote management from a cloud-based dashboard that makes it easy to manage all devices at the same time, which is particularly key with the surge in telework due to the current pandemic. For example, all teleworker devices (PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones) are easily managed from the dashboard, enabling security updates to be applied simultaneously on all devices. If a mobile device is lost or stolen it can be remotely locked down to protect sensitive data. An alert system also provides immediate notification about security events to allow instant remedial action, such as isolating a device infected with malware.


“Cybersecurity is the last thing many small businesses are thinking about as they grapple with all sorts of issues just to keep operating," continues Bullguard's Lipman. "They have more than enough to deal with and certainly don’t need to contend with cybercriminals and malware infections.

“We understand their cybersecurity needs in these unprecedented times and want to help them so they can concentrate on the essentials of day-to-day business.”


Picture: Businesses interested in obtaining a free, three-month license to BullGuard Small Office Security can find further information at  


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
04th May 2020


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