Soaring Energy Prices – Putting Efficiency In The Frame

With energy efficiency ranking as a key consideration for homeowners, Rehau is advising the fenestration industry to emphasise the thermal properties of their portfolios.

The recommendation follows a recently published survey from the Home Builders Federation (HBF), in which almost three quarters of 2,000 respondents (73%) said they were concerned about the energy efficiency of their current home.


Document L

In the wake of these findings, Rehau is advocating installers and fabricators review the thermal performance of their frames, especially with upcoming changes to Approved Document L of the Building Regulations.


 “Energy efficiency has never been too far from consumers’ minds, and this latest survey from the HBF reaffirms this. With Part L guidelines also being tightened as part of the Future Homes Standard and wider efforts to reduce green house gas emissions, windows professionals should look into the U-Value of their current solutions to stay ahead of legislation and trends.”

– Russell Hand 

Head of product and technical, Rehau Windows



“This latest change is likely the first of many for new and existing homes, so by taking action and futureproofing now, businesses will be well-placed to stand out in an increasingly eco-conscious market,” adds Rehau’s Hand. “One key way of doing this is to look for systems suitable for Passivhaus standard, which is currently the most energy-efficient specification for European and UK buildings.”

According to sustainable construction experts GreenSpec, windows can represent up to 10% of total heat lost in homes.  Hand adds: “The country is bracing itself for heating costs to soar from April, which means that as vital as consumers sees the issue of energy efficiency now, it is only going to grow in prominence. Being able to mitigate these costs in any way will be at the forefronts of homeowners’ minds, so installers and fabricators need to stress the thermal performance strengths of their frames.

“By stocking systems that can help do this, including Rehau’s Total70C, which can achieve U-Values better than that required by the new Part L, tradespeople can help answer the market’s pressing needs.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
16th April 2022


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