Taking Back Control - Integral Blind Automation But Better

Morley Glass & Glazing's latest innovation is a new and improved App that allows users to open and close their electronic integral blinds from a tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Morley Glass & Glazing has striven to be at the forefront of technological developments within the fenestration industry - and this new App clearly marks the company out as an innovator.

The development was prompted after the business was inundated with requests from customers. As integral blinds continue to increase in popularity with homeowners who enjoy the practical solution they provide for doors and windows, a growing demand for an App based control option was to be expected.


 “We were inundated with requests from customers for a way to operate their integral blinds remotely using an App.”

– Ian Short 

MD, Morley Glass


More features

“We worked closely with DV Smarthomes in association with Loxone to make sure the final product not only offers all the features we have been asked for but a lot more besides,” continued Morley Glass & Glazing's Short.


Fingertip control

Developed by DV Smarthomes in association with Loxone, the new App allows the user to simply select the blind they wish to operate then swipe their finger in the direction of the blind i.e. open, close or tilt. Both venetian and pleated blinds can be perfectly controlled. The blinds can also be programmed to automatically come down to stop solar gains if the room gets too hot.

With this new App, owners can operate their blinds wherever they have access to WiFi - no matter if they are on the other side of town or the other side of the world.


Temperature controlled as well

In fact, the technology allows blinds and shading to virtually look after themselves. In the summer, the blinds can be programmed to prevent overheating by closing automatically when a room reaches a set temperature, while in the winter, when many of us leave for work and arrive home in the dark, blinds can be set to open when the sun comes up and close automatically at dusk.

The App can also be programmed to include a ‘holiday mode’ for daily automatic opening and closing of blinds while homeowners are away, simulating the effect of someone being home. This provides added security and peace of mind.


New and retro-fit

Morley Glass & Glazing’s fully electronic or motorised MB System Uni-Blinds already offer homeowners convenience by opening, closing and tilting at the press of a button. But by integrating them into the Loxone App, blinds can now be operated from anywhere via smartphones or tablet, with the usual option to synchronise multiple windows or doors in the same room to operate simultaneously.

The App is available for immediate installation into MB Systems, including retrofitting into previous projects.

All of Morley Glass & Glazing’s sealed units with integral blinds inside (regardless of how they are operated) are installed in the same way as a normal sealed unit. The motorised MB System comes fully wired and tested so it’s just a matter of connecting one wire per window to the mains. Fitting instructions are supplied, and installation videos are also available on the Morley Glass website and YouTube channel.



With the growth of home automation systems, it is increasingly common that homeowners want to integrate the operation of their motorised integral blinds into their electric-powered home automation systems. A Loxone Miniserver, which acts as the main brain of a Loxone system and the central point of control for home and building automation, can accommodate up to 30 extensions.

Picture: Morley Glass & Glazing has launched an improved App for remotely controlling window blinds.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
02nd April 2020


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