Window Firm Leads On Better Business Practice

The Window Company (Contracts) has signed up to the Good Business Charter.

The Window Company (Contracts) has become one of the first businesses to sign up to the brand new ‘Good Business Charter’, which has been launched to encourage better business practice in the UK.

Backed by both the CBI and the TUC, the new Charter is the brainchild of Richer Sounds boss and ethical entrepreneur Julian Richer. It will accredit only those companies that can prove they treat their staff, customers and suppliers well.

For The Window Company (Contracts), a commercial installer, it is the perfect fit. Chairman David Thornton explains: “We have built a successful business on the very principles which underpin this new charter – from paying a real living wage to our staff, to paying our suppliers promptly.


 “Businesses who sign up have to satisfy 10 key criteria on things like their commitment to employee representation and well being, ethical sourcing and paying fair tax - and we have done that with ease.”

– David Thornton 

Chairman, The Window Company (Contracts)

Bad boys don't win

Thornton continues: “Customers care more than ever about who they are doing business with and employees care about who they work for, so demonstrating our ethical credentials can only be a good thing.

"The bad boys in this industry tend to grab the headlines when in fact there are many more responsible businesses like ourselves quietly and confidently doing the right thing and being successful as a result. I’d like to see lots more businesses and organisations signing up to try to redress that balance.”



Alongside The Window Company (Contracts) and Richer Sounds, founding members of the Good Business Charter include Brompton Bicycles, London City Airport, Deloitte - and another window and locks firms, UAP.

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Picture: The Window Company (Contracts) has signed up to the Good Business Charter.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
30th March 2020


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