BSI Becomes Approved Body For UKCA Marking

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BSI has been informed by the department for Business, Energy And Industrial Strategy that it is an approved body for UKCA marking.

Since 1 January 2021, UKCA Marking has been required to place regulated products on the market in England, Scotland and Wales. BSI will also continue to be a notified body for the Northern Ireland market. The UKCA mark replaces CE Marking in Great Britain countries, although CE Marking will continue to be recognized for products being placed on the GB market that have been certified by an EU notified body until the end of December 2021.

As an approved body, BSI can work with organisations on the required conformity assessment procedures that will allow them to affix the UKCA Marking on to the following products:

  • Construction Products submitted to the Construction Products Regulation.

  • Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Gas appliances.

  • Pressure Equipment.

  • Lifts submitted to the Lift Directive.

  • Marine equipment.

  • Measuring instruments.

  • Radio equipment

Several organisations have already achieved the UKCA Mark with BSI. The organisations certified by BSI can be viewed in the BSI Verifeye directory.


 &ldquoWe are committed to helping organisations ensure that they can enable resilience and encourage trust in this new regulatory landscape.”

– Shahm Barhom 

Group Product Certification Director, British Standards Institute


Approved body status

Pietro Foschi, Group Director, Assurance Services at BSI says: “Our teams have worked incredibly hard to ensure that we can continue to support organisations, providing appropriate testing and certification for accessing all important markets worldwide, including the UK. This approved body status enables us to enhance our role as a trusted provider of assurance services and to support manufacturers in ensuring compliance of their products to the relevant regulations of the various destination markets. This will also continue providing assurance to consumers that products that have earned the UKCA Mark from BSI can be used with confidence and are in compliance with the rules applicable in the UK market.”


Picture: BSI's Shahm Barhom and Pietro Foschi.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
13th January 2021


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