Changes to GGF Group Management Structure

Tony Smith, President, GGF.

The GGF Group has changed its management structure to focus on its development and improving the services of its subsidiary commercial companies, FENSA, BFRC, Installsure and RISA.

The following changes have been made with full approval of the Glass and Glazing Federation Board and the Senior Management Team of the GGF Group.


John Agnew

With immediate effect, GGF MD John Agnew will assume overall responsibility for the operational activity of GGF (trade federation), GGF’s central internal services (HR, Finance and IT), and all subsidiary commercial companies. All GGF trade federation management, heads of central services and subsidiary commercial company heads will report to John Agnew in their day-to-day roles.


Anda Gregory

Anda Gregory will assume the new role of Chief Development Officer and take full responsibility for the business development activity of the GGF Group, including the trade federation, the central internal services and subsidiary commercial companies. All employees of GGF, the trade federation, central internal services and subsidiary commercial companies will report to Gregory on all matters relating to the development of the business processes and systems and more importantly Anda Gregory will lead the development of the GGF Group’s products and services to all GGF Group shareholders, stakeholders and customers.


Tony Smith

Both John and Anda will continue to report to the GGF President, Tony Smith, acting on behalf of the GGF Main Board.



 “This is an exciting time for the GGF Group of businesses, and these changes will enable us to drive the businesses forward creating excellent opportunities for our employees, customers, and shareholders.”

– Tony Smith 

President, GGF

Pandemic recovery

John Agnew said: “The changes that we have made in roles and responsibilities, will position the GGF Group of businesses to really focus on operational activities, whilst also developing the opportunities for business growth. Gregory added, “The pandemic has given us the opportunity to reflect on what will work best for the businesses and the group as a whole. Standing still isn’t an option if we are to retain our leading positions in the glass, glazing and fenestration sectors. I’m very much looking forward to the new challenges and working on exciting initiatives for our industry.”

Picture: Tony Smith, President, GGF.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
13th May 2021


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