Guidance Changes For Sales Within The Home

Jon Vanstone

According to Certass Trade Association, sales appointments may take place in the home, as long as they are undertaken in a Covid-secure way.

Following numerous discussions with government departments, Certass TA Chair, Jon Vanstone had confirmation on an amendment to the position around selling in the home. This amendment confirms that:

Sales appointments should still take place remotely if possible but this is not mandatory. If an installer receives a request for a quote from a homeowner, which requires a visit to survey the property and explain the options available, this can be done by an appointment in the home. These appointments must be carried out in a way that is Covid-19-secure. Installers should be vigilant with following social distancing, face covering and hand washing in order to protect themselves, their teams and customers.

There are no changes to cold sales activity and door-to-door selling, as per the door-to-door sales regulations which were issued on Christmas Eve. There should be no cold canvassing.


 “This is positive news for installers, many of whom have found it difficult to follow up leads remotely, experiencing a lack of online engagement with homeowners. However, digital is still playing an important part in bringing in warm leads from homeowners so that these sales appointments can take place.”

– Jon Vanstone 

Chair, Certass Trade Association



"Unfortunately, the information on the government websites will not be altered," continues Certass' Vanstone. "But the interpretation by bodies such as Certass and the guidance we produce has already been amended and is available now for Certass members to download.

Such a change in policy, at a time when the death rate from COVID-19 is at a record high point, I’m sure will lead to concern from many in our industry but as the largest glazing trade association, it is our responsibility to make sure that glazing companies understand what options are available to them and how any change in regulation affects their working practices.

"I urge members to check in to the Certass TA Members Forum on Facebook for the very latest information."


Picture: Jon Vanstone, Chair of Certass Trade Association.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
27th January 2021


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