Work Safely, Protect The NHS, Save Lives

GGF Covid Safe Guide for Manufacturers and the Supply Chain.

The GGF is urging all companies in the glass, fenestration and home improvement sectors, to follow the GGF and Government Covid Safe Guidance, to keep themselves and customers safe, protect the NHS and help save lives.

The GGF Guidance urges home improvement companies to cease until further notice, activities such as door to door selling, canvassing and in-house pre-booked selling. All sales activity should be done remotely, i.e. by phone, email or video call.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, surveys and installations in people’s homes can continue as long as the safe Guidance is being followed.

Similarly, manufacturing, processing, fabrication, supply, on-site construction (new build) and inspections can continue if the Safe Guidance is followed.

In Scotland and the Republic of Ireland, only essential (such as emergency repairs and maintenance) should be carried out following the Safe Guidance.


 “In the light of continuing high numbers of cases, fatalities and hospitalisations due to Covid-19, it is vital that not only GGF Members but all companies in the industry adhere to the GGF and Government Safe Guidance.”

– John Agnew 

Managing Director, Glass & Glazing Federation



"The Covid-19 situation has been deteriorating. It’s therefore imperative that all companies continuing to operate in our industry, follow the GGF and government Safe Guidance to protect the NHS and save lives," added the GGF's Agnew. "Our advice is based not only on the latest government information in relation to the new more virulent variant of the coronavirus but also on the many consultations we have held with GGF Members, political advisors and government departments as well as legal and health and safety experts."


Latest updates

Agnew continued: "This is the broad GGF advice but for more detailed information we urge all companies in the UK and Republic of Ireland, that if in any doubt regarding any of their operations, to check with local authorities or if applicable their devolved government. The GGF has issued to our members all the relevant web links to each respective government webpage to ensure that the Safe Guidance for each country and area is easily accessed. These links are also available on the dedicated Covid news page on the GGF website,


Protect the NHS and save lives

"In the last few days, we have issued the very latest Safe Guidance to GGF Members via direct emails and when we receive further information on any changes to the situation we will inform our Members and the industry. In the meantime, the GGF message is loud and clear, if you are working, follow the GGF and Government Safe Guidance, protect the NHS and save lives.”


Consumer guidance

In conjunction with its subsidiary company FENSA, the GGF has also published joint advice for consumers on the latest lockdown restrictions with advice to help them deal with companies remotely during the sales process. This guidance is available on the FENSA website and, the GGF’s consumer advice site.   


To access the very latest GGF and Government guidance - Click the Links Below:


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Picture: GGF Covid Safe Guide for Manufacturers and the Supply Chain.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
21st January 2021


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