Colour Trickles In To Vents

Kolorseal has seen an increase in demand for coloured trickle vents after the introduction of the new building regulations.  The firm is now colour coating trickle vents to match the industry’s foil colours on new building projects and renovations.

Whether it is a home extension, a new build or replacement windows and doors, trickle vents are now a legal requirement in nearly all instances. Within every room, on any new project, trickle vents of varying sizes are required to provide the right amount of ventilation to help improve everyday living, allowing air to circulate more freely within any part of the house or building.

Fabricators have seen that there is a need to match trickle vents to the foil colours they offer in their ranges, as consumers demand more from the products they install in their homes and offices.


 “With trickle vents now mandatory, to guarantee a healthier living environment, it has become clear that more fabricators want to offer window and door products that look as good as they perform.”

– Deborah Hendry 

Managing director, Kolorseal


Seamless match

The colour spraying services from Kolorseal ensure manufacturers can provide a seamless match to their window and door frames.  As well as matching foil colours, Kolorseal can provide alternative colours if needed.

Hendry adds: “Fabricators, installers and builders are now fully aware of their legal obligations to provide trickle vents for new projects and renovations.  Being able to seamlessly colour match trickle vents with customers’ foil colours is helping them to provide broader options for their business.”

Picture: Trickle vents now come in colours to match window and door frames courtesy of Kolorseal.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
28th September 2022


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