What Colours Are Coming

Trends in colours are not a coincidence. They are the reflection of cultural & social themes and are led by global entities. Ignore them at your peril as they determine what colour windows homeowners will be demanding in the not-so-distant future.

The Renolit Colour Road analysis service works with international institutes and colour experts and derives future colour trends in surface design. Each year the Renolit corporate design management team summarises its findings and categorises what are likely to be the most popular hues into what it calls ‘colour worlds’.

The latest edition of Renolit’s Trend Report (for 2022-23) is called Travelling Into New Dimensions. It features the colour worlds of Deep Ocean Level and Cosmos Level. Both will influence Renolit Exfol products in the future – Exfol foils are used to colour a whole host of products including windows and doors.


Light and time

When assigning colours to different areas of application, the Colour Road team takes into account the specific surrounding areas. “On windows and façades, colours tend to have a more intensive effect than in interiors because they are in direct light and the surrounding building,” says expert Clarissa Blüm. “It is also important to keep in mind the longer service life of the building envelope because the life of a façade or window design tends to be measured in decades.”


Japanese influences

Another innovation for Renolit is the Exfol PX Yakisugi, which has an exotic and natural appearance and is inspired by an old Japanese technique for preserving wood by charring the surfaces. The black of the new décor, interspersed with silvery shades, reflects this charred wood surface and provides a deliberate contrast to light woods, colours and designs. In addition, the surface is characterised by high dimensional stability, colour fastness and durability.


Heidelberg home

The Renolit Group is a global specialist for plastic films, sheets and other plastic products and boasts thirty locations in over twenty countries. It has its HQ near Heidelberg in Germany.


Picture: Renolit observes international colour trends to determine the direction of the colour foils it produces.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
09th January 2023


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