Fast Fastener Guidance For Fabricators

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Window and door fastener specialist Rapierstar has developed a comprehensive new recommended fixings manual for Eurocell systems.

The recommended fixings manual (RFM) was developed in conjunction with Eurocell's technical team.

The publication of the new guide is the culmination of many years close technical collaboration between the two companies, which extends into support for testing. As a result, every window and door tested in Eurocell’s learning and development centre, including new product developments, are assembled using Rapierstar fasteners to set a consistent standard that fabricators can replicate.

Available to download in the info point section at, the new RFM is designed to help Eurocell fabricators achieve the highest quality, best performing windows and doors. With an easy-to-read new layout, colour coding makes it easier to identify screws for insertion into profiles and steel reinforced sections, as well as other screw types – all from Rapierstar’s StarPVCU range.

The latest range of profiles is covered, including Modus and Logik systems, and Rapierstar will update the RFM to add new profiles as soon as they become available to Eurocell fabricators.


 “It is crucially important to use the right fasteners for the application which is why the Rapierstar RFM is such a valuable guide to help our fabricators achieve the best quality finished windows and doors.”

– Carl Storer. 

Senior testing and research support technician, Eurocell



Resolving issues

"We work closely with Rapierstar during our research and design projects and product testing, support that we really value, as well as their assistance in resolving issues for fabricators when they arise,” continues Storer.

In addition to fabrication fasteners, the manual also offers guidance on the correct frame fixings for installers. Rapierstar’s StarFix range has a complete range of plug-free, hi-lo thread fasteners available for installers at leading trade counters. The RFM also includes bay and couplings details for the different outer frames, which fabricators can share with their installer customers.


Technical support

Mark Furness, Rapierstar sales and marketing director says: “Eurocell's systems are extremely popular in the industry for good reason but using the wrong fasteners during window and door manufacturing will prevent them from getting the best from these advanced profiles. That’s why we are committed to providing extensive technical support at every stage and making sure our knowledge and guidance amassed over nearly 30 years is accessible to all.

“Our existing RFM has become indispensable for Eurocell fabricators, many of whom already use the 2016 edition as an essential reference guide. By sticking to the recommended fixings, whether it is to attach hardware such as friction stays, keeps or letterboxes, or for retention of reinforcement, fabricators can have total confidence that the finished window or door will be robust, and function as well as can be expected during its service life.”

Rapierstar provides a wide range of products to fabricators of all the major profile systems. Operating from its HQ and 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse and distribution centre in Cheshire, where more than one billion items are held in stock at any time, Rapierstar’s team of technical consultants work closely with customers to help them manufacture high quality products efficiently and safely.

Picture: Inside the Eurocell Learning & Development Centre, a resource that Rapierstar supports with its fastener training, technical insights and products.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
19th March 2021


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