Losing Their Job Is The Biggest Worry For UK Workforce

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Research by Ezra, a global provider of digital coaching, has found that the threat of losing their job continues to be the number one worry for the majority of people in the UK.

Ezra surveyed nearly 18,000 people on their current feelings around work and the ongoing pandemic.

The good news is, that for 77% of those asked, the ongoing threat of Covid-19 is yet to prevent them from progressing in their career.



The latest government data shows that so far, a huge 9.9 million people have been furloughed from their place of work at some point since April of last year. While the scheme has enabled many people to retain their jobs albeit, at a reduced level of income, it has also acted as a barrier for career progression for those unable to work due to the restrictions of being on furlough.

No surprise then, that 46% of those that said Covid has had an impact on their career progression stated it was due to being furloughed.


Pay cuts

When it comes to the impact on finances, 49% have had to take a pay cut while 51% have seen a planned pay rise delayed or cancelled altogether.



A further 19% have seen promotions in the workplace delayed due to Covid, with 18% becoming unemployed and 17% unable to take a new job due to the pandemic.

Of course, it could be worse. However, this doesn’t stop the current landscape causing employees to worry about their professional life and it’s easy to see why with an estimated 200,000 already losing their jobs due to Covid.

59% of those in work stated they were worried about losing their job in 2021, while a pay cut was a worry for 24%. Being furloughed also remains a worry for 14% of people, with just 3% worried about a demotion.


 “Medical issues aside, the current pandemic has seen many people suffer from a professional point of view. Although the impact has been felt at varying levels, swathes of the nation have found themselves out of work or on furlough and this is a worry that continues to linger for those lucky enough to remain in their role so far.”

– Nick Goldberg 

Founder, Ezra.


Picture: Lots of people are now desperately looking for work.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
25th January 2021


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