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There is a new GGF Aluminium Group

A new GGF Aluminium Group for companies operating in the aluminium sector has been formed after the organisation identified a gap in the current technical group infrastructure and in the industry generally.

The new Aluminium Group will attract interest not only from companies in Glass and Glazing Federation Membership but also many companies who are non-members. In 2021, the GGF has seen new members join the Federation with a specific interest in the aluminium sector. In the last few years, the industry has witnessed a revival of aluminium in the home improvement sector with products such as bi-folding doors and secondary glazing, which is becoming a popular solution for heritage buildings and homeowners in conservation areas.


 “Part of the responsibilities of the technical department is to continually review the service we provide to members and most importantly recognise gaps in that service. It is during these reviews and discussions it became clear that the one part of the Industry which needed additional GGF Technical support was the aluminium sector.”

– David Borland 

Senior technical officer, Glass and Glazing Federation


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“While there is substantial overlap with the GGF Window & Door Group, there are areas of fenestration that are unique to aluminium such as shopfronts, commercial entrance screens, curtain walling & commercial windows," adds the GGF's  Borland. "We hope with the support of a considerable number of existing members with aluminium interests, the new Aluminium Group can prove to be a valuable technical asset for the GGF, our members and the industry”.

Companies who are interested in joining this Group are asked to contact David Borland by email at

Picture: There is a new GGF Aluminium Group for companies operating in the aluminium sector.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
08th September 2021


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