Google Bags Smart Glass Project

An artist's impression of another project – Bagmane Rio with SageGlass.

One high-profile commercial development in India offers a glimpse into how electrochromic glass is shaping the office of the future. Google will be the primary tenant of the Office Park developed by India’s Bagmane Group.

SageGlass is a global leader in electrochromic glass. The company was chosen by Bagmane Group, one of India’s largest build-to-suit real estate developers, to create the largest smart glass installation in the world.

SageGlass will provide 200,000 square feet of SageGlass Harmony electrochromic glass, controls, and software for Rio Business Park, a 1.6 million square foot office development in Bangalore, India.

Electrochromic glass - also referred to as smart glass or dynamic glass – uses advanced intelligence to automatically tint throughout the day, reducing glare and regulating temperatures while letting natural light in.



The technology offers both energy savings and a luxurious office experience. In a survey of French tech employees in an office equipped with SageGlass, the vast majority of those polled said that dynamic glass has a positive effect on their wellbeing at work.


 “As employee wellness and sustainability become higher priorities for savvy building owners, SageGlass is in a unique position to deliver both.”

– Namrata Vora 

VP of sales, SageGlass, North America and India/Asia Pacific



“We are so pleased to partner with Bagmane Group to create a healthy, sustainable workplace for their tenants at Rio Business Park," adds Vora. And this project will benefit from some of our latest innovations, including SageGlass Harmony – the first electrochromic glass to tint on a gradient.”

The SageGlass India team will work with local glazier Glass Wall Systems to install and commission more than 12,000 smart glass panels at Rio Business Park for this project, which is already underway. Google will serve as the primary tenant for the space beginning in August 2022.

Picture: An artist's impression of another project – Bagmane Rio with SageGlass.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
28th July 2021


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