Homes England Boost House Building With Quicker Land Disposal Approach

Homes England is making it easier for housebuilders to buy land

Housebuilders can access Homes England land more easily with the launch of the new Delivery Partner Dynamic Purchasing System. Initial applications opened earlier this year and 66 firms have already been appointed.

24 of the 66 appointed to the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) are SMEs. 6 September saw the System open to all.

This new system replaces the Delivery Partner Panel 3 (DPP3), transforming the way Homes England procures housebuilders and disposes of land.

Switching to a dynamic purchasing system means that housebuilders can now apply to join the agency’s list of preferred developers at any time, rather than having to wait until the list is renewed once every four years.

This is the biggest DPS of its kind. it is valued at £20 billion - Homes England’s largest procurement exercise to date.


 “This marks a significant step forward in the way we work with developers to build homes. The flexibility of the DPS means that housebuilders can apply to join when it suits them or when they see a relevant site on our Land Hub.”

– Stephen Kinsella 

Chief land & development officer, Homes England


Simplified process

“We’ve also simplified the application process, so whether you’re a large, nationwide housebuilder or a small local developer, it will be easier for you to access land you want to build on," added Homes England's Kinsella. "We encourage all housebuilders interested in working with us to monitor our recently updated Land Hub and apply to join the DPS when they see a site of interest.”


Local authority access

Local authorities and housing associations can also rely on the DPS as a procurement-compliant solution for finding housebuilders, making it easier for them to build homes on the land they own.


Land Hub

Homes England’s Land Hub, the agency’s interactive tool, is used to advertise sites it is bringing to market. The application process is proportionate and depends on the size of the sites that a developer wishes to bid for, making it more accessible for smaller developers. In addition, during the application process, housebuilders can express interest in the locations and types of sites they want to develop.

To visit the Land Hub - Click Here



Current disposals

Homes England has a number of sites that it is planning to issue expressions of interest for via the DPS in the coming months. This includes a 14-acre site on Homes England’s Northern Arc scheme in Burgess Hill, which will support around 350 homes,. The site will be divided into two or three sub plots, making it particularly suited to SME developers.

Another site soon to be marketed via the DPS is in Cradley Heath, Dudley. Over the last couple of years Homes England has cleared disused industrial buildings from the site and it now has outline planning permission for 89 homes.

For information on how to apply to join the DPS - Click Here


Picture: Homes England is making it easier for housebuilders to buy land and thus boost the prospect of new homes being built quicker and more efficiently.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
08th September 2021


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