Oh What A Feeling To Go From Floor To Ceiling

Aluminium Patio Doors

Reynaers' Hi-Finity now has the ability to stretch from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, spanning the whole of a building’s façade.

The updates to the sliding door system offer the ability to provide a near-seamless connection between interior and exterior environments and to maximise views of outside scenery and increase natural light.

The updated system also means that glazing of up to six metres in height can be accommodated, whilst still reducing rolling resistance to allow enhanced usability.


 “Since we introduced Hi-Finity, we’ve seen it used to bring all sorts of architectural visions to life, from elegant family homes through to cutting-edge high-rise apartments.”

– Terry Ledwith 

National Sales Manager, Trade & Retail, Reynaers


By working closely with our fabricator network, we’ve been able to further improve this system to maximise its effectiveness," continues Reynaers' Ledwith. “In practice, this means we can now offer a solution that boosts performance and enhances aesthetics simultaneously."



The inclusion of motorised elements and a modernised frame also allows glazed panels of up to 750kg to be moved with ease, bringing contemporary architecture into modern homes, without compromising everyday practicality.

Despite its slender aluminium frames, all-round performance is also heightened. Air, wind and water tightness guarantees comfort, while the ability to accommodate triple glazing facilitates strong thermal insulation.



To ensure Reynaers’ high levels of quality are maintained, Hi-Finity is only available via selected fabricators, all of whom must undertake training before utilising the system profiles.

Picture: Reynaers updated its Hi-Finity sliding door system to accommodate larger glazed areas.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
16th December 2020


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