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Ox Architectures popped two things into the heart of its project to rebuild the Jean Peyraud elementary –  SageGlass dynamic glazing and the leafy surroundings of the school in the village of Pierre-Buffière.

The village is in the hills near Limoges. The architects Marie Remillac and Laurent Billat arranged for the classrooms, multimedia room and shared studio facing west and south-east to benefit from solar shading whilst alternately gaining light and quietness.


 “The huge benefit of SageGlass glazing is the smart way it controls the sun’s rays. This helps maintain the advantages of glass while dispensing with its major disadvantages - glare and overheating.”

– Marie Remillac 

Architect, Ox Architectures



"Whenever and whatever the weather, the influx of natural light and the view of the outdoors are preserved, creating a sense of comfort and wellbeing. These benefits also have a positive impact on students’ concentration and performance,” continues Remillac.



Just under 536sq.ft of SageGlass double glazing –  or 1/3 of the entire glazed surface – was fitted on the building on 17 fixed and tilt/turn aluminium frames by Limoges based Miroiterie Raynaud SAS.



SageGlass glazing automatically adjusts its tint level to the level of sunlight. This controls the amount of heat and light entering the room while preserving a constant connection with the outside. Pulling down blinds and closing shades to prevent glare and reduce heat is a thing of the past with SageGlass. Students and teachers alike enjoy visual, acoustic and thermal comfort suitable for concentration and creativity. The glazing’s heat regulation also helps to reduce the school’s energy and maintenance bills.

The glazing is connected to a control system that automatically regulates the tint level based on environmental settings throughout the day. The glazing can also tint on demand in manual mode using wall switches installed in the classrooms. A useful option if teachers need a little shade to put on the projector or read aloud in a calmer setting.

Picture: Jean Peyraud elementary school.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
13th October 2021


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