Paris – New York Peckham

The Paris balcony system will enhance natural light and prioritise safety in any setting from a New York style town house to a Peckham apartment.

Connecting indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly has become a crucial requirement of modern architecture. And that is as true for inner city apartments as it is for rural homes.

At the heart of the CRL Paris balcony is its frameless design, which creates a sleek and streamlined finish. Suitable for use with toughened laminated glass in thicknesses of 13.52mm, 17.52mm, and 21.52mm, the system offers clarity and durability. The 1200mm long profiles can be integrated into various architectural structures, whether face fixed or reveal fixed to brickwork, concrete or steel.



Tested to comply with stringent building and safety regulations, including BS6180:2011, this system prioritises the well-being of its users without compromising on style. Unlike traditional balcony designs that rely on cumbersome railings, the Paris system opts for a minimalist approach, offering an uninterrupted view while ensuring security.

With no top cap rail required, the toughened laminated glass provides an additional layer of protection.


Case studies

Two recent installations by Bespoke Glass Services highlight the versatility and efficiency of the balcony system. In the picturesque setting of Upper Cumberworth, a large barn conversion was fitted with two. The anthracite grey option worked very well with the timber-framed structure, while the absence of railings preserved the panoramic views.

Similarly, in Lower Cumberworth, a large semi-detached house embraced the Paris system to maintain uninterrupted vistas over sprawling fields. Opting for the white finish ensured a cohesive look with PVC-U windows, while the smooth reveal facilitated a hassle-free installation process.

 Compared to traditional methods involving point fixings, the Paris Balcony system offered a straightforward and swift installation process in both cases.


Picture: Paris balconies bring light and views to urban spaces

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
28th June 2024


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