Mastering Internal Sliding Doors

Glass screens in a white room

MasterTrack BT from Bohle offers a sophisticated sliding mechanism that comes with the option of a hydraulically operated dampening system for internal glass partitioning.

There are further options of a synchronous opening, so that two doors can open at the same time and telescopic opening, which allows two or three leaves to retract simultaneously.


 “In the last few years, we’ve seen the amount of glass going into buildings – not just the external fabric – absolutely rocket.”

– Dave Broxton 

Managing director, Bohle


Good reason

“With glass room dividers, you can define specific areas very easily,and still let that most precious of commodities – light – reach every corner,” continues Bohle’s Broxton. “Plus, if you want privacy, then there are many options, such as blinds, smart glass and interlayers, that can easily create the appearance of solid walls.”



Just as the demand for glass has gone up, so too has the demand for good quality and good looking hardware. Not only is cheap hardware evident in its use – clunky and unreliable – but subsequent call-backs eat away at the margins for the installer and upset the client.

“Sophistication is built into the MasterTrack BT sliding door system,” says Broxton. “Building on the popularity of MasterTrack FT, the BT version offers some high-end additions, such as flush mounting and anti-jump protection. It is also suitable for space-saving pocket applications, which are increasingly popular among interior designers.”


Easy fit

MasterTrack BT is made up of three components: track, roller system and clamping mechanism, which make both installation and use relatively easy. With only a few individual components, and thanks to the compact track in which the glass is suspended below the carriage, single and multi-leaf doors – as well as flush ceiling designs – can be installed quickly.

A simple, accessible glass clamping mechanism provides a secure hold and means there is no requirement for expensive drilling or cutting out glass. Height adjustment of +/-3mm is also straightforward being achievable from the front of the carrier.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
16th April 2022


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