Posting A Profit – Landscaping Give Biggest Property Profit

UK homeowners who improved their gardens during lockdown have seen their property values increase greater than building an extension or fitting a new kitchen, according to the Post Office.

The Post Office Money Survey says landscaping could add a whopping 77% - making it a better investment than even a swimming pool.

The survey, which was conducted over five years, was based on the mid-range asking price of a three-bed semi-detached home across the UK. It found that properties with garden landscaping added the most value to a home. Garden landscaping was proven to be the most cost-effective form of home improvement when selling while providing the best Return on Investment compared to other types of home improvement projects.


Conservatory blow

A home improvement such as a new kitchen was found to add a property value increase of only 25%, with a building extension saw a 37% increase. The least profitable renovations are the addition of a conservatory, which adds around 10% to a property’s value, a new driveway, which adds 9% and a wet room, which offers a return of just 7%.

However, the survey did not take into consideration garden rooms or bi-fold or sliding doors – with the latter building the bridge from home to garden. And although the survey covers the pandemic, it has not taken into account the desire to add home office facilities. The survey did however, note that knocking a wall down to create a more open plan could add value (but this could now become a negative feature in a new working from home culture).



Nexus Pro Systems is a UK manufacturer of paving jointing compounds for the landscaping and construction industry.


 “Our consumer trends data certainly supports that garden landscaping has been a significant growth area with homeowners, especially over the pandemic period.”

– Tom Hamilton 

Head of operations, Nexus Pro Systems


“Indeed, many of our merchants based throughout the UK have reported a significant rise in consumer demand for all manner of landscaping supplies. I believe it is important for homeowners to know that investing into their gardens not only increases the kerb appeal of their property but also its saleable value.”


What do estate agents say?

Foxtons estate agents conducted research revealing that simply having a garden will generally increase a property’s value by 20%. A high percentage of 72% of buyers were prepared to pay more for a property with a garden, according to the Foxtons research.

Data by Rightmove revealed that access to a garden was a priority for over 60% of buyers searching for a new home. On the other hand, the Royal Chartered Institute of Surveyors found that 80% of property professionals consider the demand for a garden will continue to increase.


London price guide

In a recent study, ‘MyToolshed’ analysed house prices across ten areas of London and found that a well-maintained green space could increase the average Islington (north London) house price of £848,710 by £141,451. Similarly, homes in Ealing (west London) priced at £786,507 could gain an additional £132,806 by rejuvenating their garden spaces. Properties could see profitable gains of £131,084.50 on a house priced at £796,834.00 in Wandsworth (south central London).

Picture: A garden adds value to a home – adding garden doors as well are likely to push the value higher.

Article written by John Roper
20th April 2022


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