TWR Group Celebrates 21st Birthday

The TWR Group has just turned 21 and the people behind the firm believe they have the keys to the bi-fold door market.

Starting life as a PVC-U fabricator in  2001, TWR teamed up with Smarts in 2012 and introduced aluminium bi-folding doors – and was, it claims, producing 100 doors per week in a matter of months.


 “We recognised early on into our foray into aluminium that a large percentage of our target market were more accustomed to fitting PVC-U windows doors, which is why we took the decision to offer a survey and support service where we can measure up on-site, offer technical support and assist on-site if necessary.”

– Terry Richardson 

Managing director, TWR Group


Bi-fold Doctor

“This was a great move as it gave installers more confidence to enter the lucrative bi-fold market and we were able to grow our customer base very quickly,” continues TWR’s Richardson.

TWR’s PR and marketing activity at the time was built around this customer support service, with Richardson branding himself as the ‘bi-fold doctor’ and answering common questions via a regular column in the trade press and on the TWR website.

He adds: “We were receiving lots of the same questions from installers and we thought it would make sense to share our knowledge with the wider industry through our column. While the bi-fold doctor is no more, the high level of technical support on offer from TWR hasn’t changed and we offer this out to more installers as we continue to grow.”



Over the last two decades, TWR has invested in new production lines, an automated lift and storage system – it claims to be the first UK based glass and glazing company to do so – and two factories, in Sunderland and Peterlee, with plans for a third based dedicated to aluminium.

Richardson’s daughters Laura and Helen have progressed through the business. “My daughters have grown up around the business and they really know it inside out, from operations through to finance, technical and customer account management,” Richardson says. “I will be relying on them even more as we aim to take the business to the next level while still retaining the level of personal service our customers have come to expect.”

TWR has recently invested in an IGU line to start making its own insulated glass units and will soon be producing in the Alitherm 400 system from Smarts. The firm also fabricates using the Cortizo aluminium system.

Picture: One of the TWR Group’s factories.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
21st September 2022


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