Raise The Roof With Keylite

Keylite Roof Windows offers a diverse range including, as its name implies, roof windows - and also lanterns, flat glass rooflights and solar enabled roof windows.

Offering atrium-style daylighting, Keylite’s roof lantern comes with a ten year guarantee, solar heat reflection and a 1.2W/m².K U-value. It is available in a range of sizes, pitches, colours and combinations.

The Keylite Flat Glass Rooflight provides a contemporary alternative to polycarbonate products. It is available in fixed shut, manual and electrical opening options, with a toughened outer pane for maximum durability.


Electric roof windows

For windows installed beyond reach, many installers are finding Keylite’s electric roof windows are a popular choice among homeowners. Controlled with a handheld remote or wall mounted switch, these roof windows can be adapted to suit any environment and, if the premium electric kit option is chosen, the roof window(s) will even close automatically when it rains.

Keylite’s electric roof windows can be solar powered – reducing energy costs, carbon footprint and ideal for installations where a connection to mains electric is not available.



Because every Keylite Roof Window now has added protection against thermal bridging and heat loss, new product replacements are also more energy efficient – encouraging even existing customers to update their roof windows.


 “One of our biggest priorities at Keylite is to maximise opportunities for installers, whether it’s through our  product features, online product training sessions, or dedicated sales support.”

– Tom Jarvis 

National brand development manager, Keylite


Expansive range

“Our flick-fit brackets, expanding thermal collar and streamlined fit, along with many other features, all come as standard in so many of our products making us a firm favourite for installers by ensuring installation is as quick and easy as possible, continues Kelite's Jarvis. “We want to remind installers just how expansive Keylite’s product range is so that they’re ready for any customer request during another busy year of home improvements.”

Picture: Keylite's roof lanterns.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
24th May 2021


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