Record Level Of Interest In Home Improvements

A typical home improvement website
Google search trends for Patio Doors

Online search traffic for home improvements is continuing to rise rapidly – with interest from consumers at an all-time high in many cases.

Industry marketing agency, Purplex, tracks Google search data and despite the impact of Covid-19, is reporting a surge in consumer interest.

Key findings from recent Purplex research say that as a search phrase 'Double Glazing’ has bounced back to pre-Coronavirus levels, while other search terms, such as ‘Conservatory’ and ‘Patio Doors’ are at their highest level since 2004. 

Several factors may be at play here. After weeks of lockdown, homeowners are perhaps gaining a new appreciation of their home with a renewed desire to make improvements and increase living space.

However, to coincide with the lockdown, Britain has enjoyed a particularly good spell of weather, which may have contributed to an increased demand.


“It’s important to note that search traffic is not the same as intent to buy, yet the market is certainly experiencing impressive volumes of sales leads."

–Andrew Scott 

MD, Purplex MD


Home-working drive

“We don’t know whether this is a flash in the pan or whether demand will continue. But as home-working is now set to rocket while long-haul holidays are likely to be postponed this year, the signs are positive,” continued Scott.

Picture: A typical home improvement website and Google search trends for Patio Doors.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
11th June 2020


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