Rio Flush Rush

New fabrication company Visio has been able to successfully rush its business’s launch due to the introduction of Rehau’s Rio flush fit range.

The Uxbridge-based business, which is headed by the father and son team of Steven and Matthew Rule, was founded in 2022. With average house prices in the West London town exceeding £600,000, the company delivers to a high-end market and needed a premium supplier to match. Steven Rule, who had previously worked with Rehau profile 20 years ago, wanted to return to a system he trusted and knew well.


Rehau Rules

Visio contacted Rehau in March to discuss manufacturing the Rio flush fit window. The choice to partner with Rehau enabled it to offer a high-quality timber alternative product with an ‘A' window energy rating and one that is compatible with Rehau’s Total70 system. The Rules were also able to save the expense of PAS24 testing, as this accreditation had already been achieved in the range’s hardware design.

Steven Rule says: “I had heard about the Rio flush fit window boasting some really interesting mechanics. With that in mind, I came back into fabrication following retirement to help my son start off the production of this new window.”


Joint options

The Rio flush fit frame has two mechanical joint options, which, with wood-effect foils and graining, can provide the kerb appeal of traditional timber windows, with the performance qualities of PVC-U.

Matthew Rule, says: “We had been waiting for something exciting to happen in the market and when we saw the Rio flush fit window, we knew that this was it. There aren’t many organisations in the country offering mechanical joints, let alone the double mechanical joints we can offer, so it really does pave the way into the market. Working with Rehau has really streamlined our operation as they offer great technical support, providing instant backup when and if we need it.

“It is refreshing to see the introduction of a product like this and we’ve found that once one project is out of the door, we are getting two more coming in – we can’t produce them fast enough.”


French doors

Luke Boban, area sales manager at Rehau, says: “Steven Rule is a familiar face at Rehau from his work with us 20 years ago.  It’s been a real pleasure to help him set up this new business with his son. Being able to onboard them with the holistic Rio flush fit range has been seamless and it’s positive to see our product launch help them grow quickly.

“With the introduction The Rules are now also manufacturing the Rio flush fit French door which are available in a range of foil laminates allowing for a complete personalised profile design.”


Picture: Steven and Matthew Rule who have formed Viso to fabricate in Rehaus’ Rio flush system.

Article written by John Roper
07th April 2023


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