Ritec Announces Loss Of MD Stephen Byers

Stephen Byers (right) with Karen Byers being presented with the GGF Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award

Ritec International has announced that Stephen Byers, co-developer of the ClearShield System and co-founder and MD of the company, passed away peacefully on 6 March 2021 aged 79, as a result of pneumonia.

Stephen Byers and his wife and business partner Karen are well-known figures in the glass industry both in the UK and internationally.

The inseparable team set out over 40 years ago to challenge the glass sector and transform perceptions and attitudes towards the protection and maintenance of glass surfaces. Together they created a new and global industry accepted by the whole of the glass and construction industries.

Their award-winning ClearShield System (later rebranded the ClearShield Eco-System) for the renovation, protection and maintenance of glass, pioneered and still continues to be a leader in ‘non-stick’, easy-clean glass surface technology.


Outstanding contribution

The Byers’ achievements were recognised in 2019 by the Glass & Glazing Federation when they received an award for outstanding contribution to the industry, which they regarded as a  fantastic honour.

Stephen Byers worked relentlessly with the GGF to begin the development of some industry standards and to make health and safety and ethics driving factors in the growth of glass maintenance. Today Ritec technology is used in more than 70 countries on commercial and residential buildings as well as on ships and other transport vehicles and in many other applications.

Lesser known, the Byers introduced innovations such as a system for the protection of glass and ceramic electrical insulators with their VoltShield System.

Karen Byers said: “I feel privileged to have enjoyed such a wonderful life with Stephen and to have shared the excitements and challenges of creating amazing innovations with him. I am determined more than ever to keep Ritec International running smoothly, feeling great strength to ensure its prosperity so that Stephen’s legacy may live on for many years to come”.

Karen and the rest of the Ritec team would like to provide reassurance that the company’s activities will carry on uninterrupted in honour of Stephen.

For those who wish to send a message of condolence, please email condolences@ritec.co.uk.

Picture: Stephen Byers (right) with Karen Byers being presented with the GGF Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award by then-GGF President John Agnew.


Article written by John Roper
11th March 2021


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