Roam Reveals Räum Relationship

When fabricator Dekko went roaming around the market looking for new options, it found Deceuninck Aluminium could provide profile to manufacture products that will sit alongside its high-end Räum range of windows and doors.

“There are many things to consider when you choose a supplier for your flagship brand,” explains Dekko’s sales director Kurt Greatrex. “Yes, you want a flexible partnership and you want quality products, yet you also want that something extra – and the Decalu88 bi-folding door gives us tangible selling points that we can pass on to our consumers.

“U-values as low as 0.68W/m2k triple-glazed or 1.4W/m2k double-glazed make it part L and Future Homes ready – which is vital for any business looking to future-proof themselves.

”But the fact that the Decalu88 Bib-folding door is available in any single or dual RAL colour option, with textured and metallic finishes. The finish is marine grade as standard. This helps Dekko position itself as a modern forward-thinking company as homeowners and specifiers choose coloured products in greater numbers than ever before.”


Existing customer

Already a fabricator using Deceuninck PVC-U profile, Dekko was familiar with the brand and recognised the benefits of offering Deceuninck across the board.

“At first, we were only going to introduce the bi-fold and an entrance door to our range,” says Greatrex. “That was until we got a request from a customer to fabricate the Decalu163 lift and slide door to a £1.1m 12-month project in London. It was an opportunity to miss.”


Picture: Kurt Greatrex, Dekko sales director.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
15th March 2023


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