Rooflgaze Likes Glass Canopy For Domestic And Industrial

La Pensilina in an industrial situation

Swisspacer’s La Pensilina glass canopy system has received positive feedback from Rooflgaze Rooflights, thanks to its modern, minimalist design and wide range of applications.

Roofglaze, in Cambridge, specialises in the design, manufacture and maintenance of flatglass rooflights and roof glazing systems. The company recently installed 10 La Pensilina canopies in an industrial warehousing unit in Rowley Regis in the West Midlands.

The canopies were required to cover the entrance doors and complement the façade of the building. La Pensilina was chosen over traditional timber or steel canopies as it provided a frameless, minimalist design and is an aesthetic match for the modern warehouse.


 “With Swisspacer you know that the products they are putting into the marketplace are going to be fit for purpose. But with La Pensilina, it’s more about the aesthetics. It looks very modern. Glass is very popular now and it can add a modern flavour to a building, compared to the old timber canopies.”

– Fraser Caithness 

Sales director, Roofglaze


Wow factor

“The La Pensilina glass canopy fitted our client’s requirements perfectly. It’s quite dramatic because you have this piece of glass floating ethereally and you think ‘Wow!” adds Roofglaze’s Caithness. “People are very keen on these minimalist, modern designs and, in terms of what people are looking for, it absolutely ticks all the boxes. Certainly, the client was very pleased with the end result. it did what we needed it to do, and it definitely served its purpose.”


Sales leads

Roofglaze is receiving enquiries for a wide variety of applications including residential customers, who want to cover garden patio areas for example; and student accommodation, where sheltered access is required.

Caithness explains: “The attraction of La Pensilina is that it works across many different sectors, including higher-end residential and semi-industrial projects like this one. It ticks a lot of boxes from our perspective and it’s a product we’re very keen to promote.”


Cantilever glass canopy

La Pensilina is a cantilever glass canopy system which was launched by Swissspacer in 2019. Its style and minimalist design and lack of visible screws and support, gives the canopy a clean look and a ‘floating’ effect while being extremely strong. La Pensilina is load bearing and strong enough to hold a distributed load of 350 kg per square metre.

Picture:  La Pensilina in an industrial situation.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
30th March 2022


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