Spruce Springclean Leads Band Of Great Trade Names

Spruce himself

As we head into the brighter future of 2020, The Installer & The Fabricator has teamed with a comparison site to identify some great trade names - and also discover a less than chirpy secret...women in those trades earn less than their male counterparts.

Working with HaMuch.com, we've come up with the following companies working in either the domestic or commercial sectors or both.

Spruce Springclean is a cleaning service in Cornwall while Bonny Tiler operates as a bathroom, plumbing and tiling company in the Vale of Glamorgan.

There’s also Lino Richie, a flooring company in Ireland or for all of your wood stripping, painting and decorating needs, Jack the Stripper is on hand to help in Twickenham.


As seen on TV

Lawn N Order in North Lincolnshire is a landscaper for both the commercial and domestic sector - including stadia pitches; Floral and Hardy are at the domestic end in London, with a florist business included; while Surelock Homes is a locksmith from Portsmouth.

If cartoons are more your thing, you can choose between He-Van removals in Brighton or Barney Rubble interior building and garden landscaping in Stockton-on-Tees.

Stopcocks Women Plumbers is a national company of female only plumbers and heating engineers. Pane in the glass is a window installation in Ashford.

The Installer & The Fabricator used the internet to check-out U-benders plumbing in Brighton. As the company particularly works and supports the LGBT community, they get the final name check rather than having any reference to them redacted.

CEO of HaMuch.com, Tarquin Purdie, commented: “With the sheer volume of tradespeople in the UK, standing out from the crowd is an uphill struggle and whether you compete on price, provide a better level of service or simply catch the eye with a creative company name, it’s important to have a differentiating factor between you and the competition."


Gender Gap

Using data from the ONS, The Installer & The Fabricator and HaMuch.com have also found that a male carpenter in the UK takes home an average yearly net salary of £22,072, 74.7% higher than the average net wage of a female carpenter of just £12,632.

Male painters picked up an average net wage of £20,607, 44.1% more than their female counterparts who make £14,304.

The wage paid to male cleaners was also amongst some of the biggest tradesperson gender pay gaps at 39%.

While electricians as a whole are amongst some of the highest paid across the nation, male sparks are paid £26,118, 28.7% more than female electricians.


Lack of ladies

While pay is one issue for females within the trades sector, the lack of female tradespeople, to begin with, is also apparent, with no salary data recorded for many regions of the UK due to the fact the ONS were unable to gather a large enough sample to start with.

Picture: Spruce himself.


Article written by Cathryn Ellis
01st January 2020


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