Staying Solid In An Unsolid World

One manufacturer claims changes to part L of the building regulations covering thermal efficiency have had a huge impact on many solid roof manufacturers – but not it.



 “Leka Systems’ products have always achieved strong U-values, says the firm, thanks to the system’s original design brief.”

– Rhys Hoddinott 

Managing director, Leka Systems




Easy fit

“On the other hand, our warm roof, orangery roof and Leka Xi are thermally efficient by design and have always been available in a range of U-values from 0.12 W/m²K to 0.15 W/m²K,” continues Hoddinott. “It’s a huge advantage for installers because our roofs are still as easy to fit as they always have been.”


Future proofed

Hoddinott credits the thermal efficiency of Leka products to the innovation in their design. “We consistently invest in engineering so we have been prepared for changes in building regulations since the day of concept and even future proofed further changes to part L in years to come,” he says. “


No aluminium

“The big difference with Leka products is their GRP construction. The material delivers outstanding thermal efficiency but also offers another important benefit in the current climate,” adds Hoddinott. “It means they don’t use aluminium, which means they aren’t being affected by the sharp increase in aluminium prices.

“Fabricators and installers using aluminium are having to pass price increases onto consumers because they can’t absorb them any longer. Our costs have been very sustainable, allowing Leka to become one of the most competitive systems in the marketplace.”

Picture: Leka Systems’ solid roofs meet current and future U-values requirements and don’t use expensive aluminium.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
21st July 2022


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