Video On Demand

TuffX has a simple instructional video for its Infinity rooflights which is now easier to find via a dedicated QR code which will be displayed on the packaging of all Infinity rooflight products.

The idea is to make it quickly accessible when products are delivered and ready to install for both first-time users and for those needing a brush up on their skills. The code directs the user straight to the installation video on YouTube.

The short animation shows just how easy infinity roof lights are to fit. Infinity products are designed to simply slot over and be secured onto a pre-built upstand using multiple screws. It is a fast and easy process as the roof lights are delivered ready to be installed straight from the box, with no additional assembly required on site.



Making it easy

“Everything about our Infinity roof lights is easy – from ordering and delivery to installation and maintenance,” says TuffX’s commercial director Paul Higgins. “That’s why we've made the instructions for its installation super easy to follow, with our short video that will tell you all you need to know in less than a minute. And the video is also easy to find, with a QR code is displayed on all our packaging that will take you straight to it. It couldn’t be simpler.”


Picture: TuffX’s has put a QR on all of its Infinity rooflight packaging to show installers how easy the products are to fit.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
15th November 2023


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