Virtual Reality - Fensterbau Tour Is Free Online

You can now visit Rehau at Fensterbau from the comfort of your armchair.

Installers and fabricators will soon be able to access a virtual series of content initially created for the cancelled Fensterbau trade fair for windows, doors and facades.

With the (Nürnberg, Germany) show now being postponed to 2022 because of coronavirus, Rehau is working hard to turn this setback into an opportunity. Its investment into digital technologies will allow tradespeople to access to all its exhibition insights online, in various formats.


 “While it’s certainly not ideal that most of the fenestration industry is grounded at this time, we are hearing more and more from customers that they are using this time to plan ahead and increase knowledge share so that they can come back stronger.”

– Martin Hitchin 

CEO, Rehau


Smart tech

Rehau was due to showcase its commitment to smart technology, security and stability when exhibiting its latest product innovations and services. Instead, virtual visitors will now be free to explore the content themselves, but can also receive exclusive insights by arranging a personal ‘tour’ with a member of the Rehau team, allowing them to receive in-depth information and ask any questions.


The core themes will include:



There will be a wealth of material to explore, including new innovations that go beyond profile systems. This includes the new Synego Slide system, a sliding door solution, which now offers additional security features thanks to the next generation of Rehau Smart Guard. It will also cover a new array of bespoke system accessories added to its product range, such as the Skyforce safety barrier, the new Linea handle range and a smart fittings solution for folding and sliding doors.


Smart technology

When it comes to intelligent solutions, virtual visitors will be able to find out more about the further development of Rehau Smart Guard, which also encompasses intelligent ventilation and privacy solutions such as Rehau Privacy and Rehau Shading.


Digitalisation and marketing

In addition, Rehau is tapping into the topic of digitalisation, providing its customers with new services that can help optimise their processes and address issues such as the specialist skills shortage. This starts with acquiring new customers and extends to after-sales service, as well as planning and fitting. Rehau Connect, Just Smart and Window ID are three stand-out products in this domain.


 Energy & Environment

Within its Window Solutions division, Rehau has set up all its production and procurement processes along sustainable lines and is a pioneer of this approach in the sector. It has been collecting profile offcuts since 1988, ensuring that they are returned to production. In recent years, the amount of profiles containing recycled material has gradually increased from 25% to 40% since 2014, with this figure anticipated to rise to 50% next year.

The sustainable window profiles marketed under Rehau’s new EcoPuls label save large quantities of CO2 during production compared to traditional versions, as creating recycled material generates 88% fewer emissions. All in all, this enables 97,000 tonnes of CO2 to be saved annually. This corresponds to savings that could be achieved by a forest of around 7,800,000 trees.


Take advantage

"As the event takes many months of planning and significant investment, we didn’t see any value in holding this content back for a new date," continues Rehau's Hitchin. "So, instead, we are turning the challenge on its head and broadening the audience, circumventing any travel limitations which probably held many UK tradespeople back from attending. We’d encourage anyone to take advantage of anything they think could be useful.”

Picture: You can now visit Rehau at Fensterbau from the comfort of your armchair.


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Article written by Cathryn Ellis
20th May 2020


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