Willie Leaves His Mark With Mark 3

Inside Roseview's factory

After more than 30 years with Roseview Windows, Willie Kerr has stepped down. His final project was to work with Jade Engineering to develop fabrication techniques for the Mk3 Ultimate Rose vertical sliding window.

The new version of the Ultimate Rose includes changes that enhance the product’s reputation for authenticity, including a number of options such as deep cills, seamless run-through and no horn choices, staff beads, new astragal bars and a number of other features.



Jade Engineering’s technical manager, Suk Singh, worked closely with the Roseview technical team to develop the new manufacturing processes which were first proved with manual equipment, then written for execution using complex CNC machinery, that coincidentally was supplied by Jade’s sister company Kombimatec.

The consultancy work completed by Jade Engineering was complex but also fitting, as the firm had provided advice and machinery for the manufacture of the original Ultimate Rose window more than 10 years earlier.

In addition to the technical partnership, Jade has also supplied Roseview with more than 30 standalone end millers and punch tools during a relationship that began in 2010, with the distinctive Jade livery peppering the Roseview factories at Olney and Wollaston in Northamptonshire.


 “The people at Jade are always approachable, direct and good communicators. They have excellent skills and working with them has enabled a successful launch of the Mk3 Ultimate Rose.”

Ex-Director, Roseview Windows


Jade Engineering’s Sean Mackey was quick to acknowledge the relationship with Kerr: “Willie’s technical background always enabled him to be precise in his needs and we enjoyed working with him and the team at Roseview, with some of our finest work going into developing the manufacturing techniques used for the production of the company’s flagship product.”

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
16th April 2022


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