Twice Is Nice – In Fact, Paradise

An AMC308 machining centre

North East Bifolds has invested in a second AMC308 machining centre from manufacturer Kombimatec. Now the firm says it is ‘paradise’ to be able to doucle output and have spare capacity.

The new addition has been housed within a recently completed 600sq,m warehouse. The Seaham based firm bought its first Kombimatec machine four years ago.  The owners, Meah and Chris Craggs, say they have noticed and increase in demand with increased pickiness from customers who want absolutely perfect products and at a faster rate.


 “Primarily, we chose to take on a second machine to safeguard the business against any issues we might face if the existing one was out of action but ultimately, having two machines running will enable us to double our output and reduce lead in times by at least a week – that’s paradise for us.”

– Chris Craggs 

Owner, North East Bifolds


Known quantity

“Our team are comfortable with the machines but we know that if we need a product demo or any additional training, we only have to ask,” continues Craggs. “We’re so chuffed at the quality of the Kombimatec products, that we’ve also bought a brand new aluminium saw, too.”


Repeat business

Kombimatec has become a favourite of North East Bifolds because of a quick turnaround on orders backed up with training and aftersales service. Used across aluminium and PVC profiles, Kombimatec’s 3+1 Axis CNC system is proving popular, with repeat orders becoming a regularity.

Picture: Twice the output means half the waiting time with a second AMC308 machining centre From Kombimatec at North East Bifolds.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
16th June 2022


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