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A fish & chip van

In the mid-80s Window Warehouse opened with Halo as a supplier and the promise of a fish & chip supper if they were still doing business in the 2020s. Current Halo owner, Veka Plc, has caught up with the deal.   

Back then Window Warehouse opened in Portsmouth with Malcolm Cake as MD and  Veka was just establishing itself in Burnley. The year was 1986. Neil Evans was Veka's sales director. He is now Veka Plc MD - and thus in charge of a substantial budget for not just fish & chips for Clarke but also for everyone at Window Warehouse who have worked incredibly hard to achieve such great longevity.


 “I am so proud of the hard work and dedication shown by the team here at Window Warehouse. Even during the most challenging of times they have pulled together and worked immensely hard.”

– Malcom Cake 

Managing director, Window Warehouse


Keeping promises

“Here at Veka we stick to our promises and do what we say we’re going to do," added Evans. "Hats off to Window Warehouse for its achievement, even more so after such a challenging time. It was great to see the team tucking in."

Picture: A fish & chip van pulled up outside Window Warehouse to deliver on a Veka-acquired promise



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
11th November 2021


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