Digital Presence - Never More Important

Find a Fabricator tool

Speaking about the work being done on The Residence Collection trade website, marketing manager, Jo Trotman says: “It’s probably never been more important than it is right now to invest in your digital presence.”

The Residence Collection uses The Consultancy as its web development partner. The Consultancy has just added a ‘Find a Fabricator’ function to the website to enable installers to locate fabricators in their region and help deliver new business leads to The Residence Collection customer base.

Trotman explains: “As the world migrated online during the pandemic, we worked with The Consultancy to ensure that our digital offering continued to work as hard as possible for us and our customers. The new ‘Find a Fabricator’ function is obviously a key part of that. It’s really quick and easy for installers to use and it means we can be more efficient and proactive internally as well.”


Full contact details

Installers who visit The Residence Collection trade website can now see a full list of fabricators across the UK and for the first time Ireland as well, along with their contact numbers. All of the fabricators’ locations are marked on a map and as soon as a visitor clicks on one, full contact details pop up. Installers can then refine the list by typing in their postcode and preferred distance - anywhere from 5 to 100 miles.


Window Widgets trade counters

The Find a Fabricator function is an echo of the Trade Counter search tool which The Consultancy created for The Residence Collection’s sister company Window Widgets last year. The ongoing success of that and the speed and ease with which it was created and deployed meant it was only a matter of time before something similar was added to The Residence Collection website as well.


Constantly evolving

Richie Thornton, Director at The Consultancy, says: “The team at Window Widgets and Residence Collection completely buy-in to the idea that the best websites are the ones that are constantly evolving and being developed in response to the changing market and the way that they are being used by visitors.

“We’ve been their web development partners for several years. During that time, they’ve maximised the value from their investments online by regularly refreshing not just the look and feel of the websites but the functionality and user experience too.”

Picture: The Consultancy has created a Find a Fabricator tool for The Residence Collection.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
25th August 2021


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