Ellgia Marvels – Firms Helps Door Co Send Zero To Landfill

Stephen Nadin of Endurance Doors.

After a period of implementing process change throughout the business, Endurance Doors has achieved an audited zero landfill mark, working in partnership with waste processing specialist Ellgia.

Sustainability is increasingly important to businesses across the industry and their customers who are socially conscious about their purchasing decisions. This move by Endurance Doors will help installers reassure homeowners. It is part of a wider sustainability programme that will be delivered during 2022.


How it works

The process begins at the tipping stage where manual inspection and sorting takes place to recover bulkier items including wood, card, plastics and metals. These items are removed and sent for processing into other materials and go through a mechanical sorting system including screening/sizing, air separation and use of magnets to recover any materials suitable for recycling or re-use.

Timber is reused into other wood products or shredded for animal bedding or is sent for biomass. Plastics are re-processed after they have been granulated. Metals are shredded, melted and made into other grades of steel, while all card is re-processed for packaging and paper-based applications - and is also used for animal bedding.


 “We’ve effectively saved over 21 tonnes of CO2 already this year through our waste management programme with Ellgia and have a continual improvement programme in place to improve this further in 2022.”

– Stephen Nadin 

Managing director, Endurance Doors



Any residual wastes that are not re-covered for re-use or recycling are further processed into RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) or SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) and sent to either cement kilns or to a local incineration plant, providing heat and power to nearby local communities and homes.

Picture: Stephen Nadin of Endurance Doors.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
04th January 2022


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