Good At Home But Bad At Work

A new report from SaveMoneyCutCarbon shows that whilst half of the nation prioritise sustainability in their homes, they ignore their environmental responsibilities in the office writes CEO Mark Sait.

We found that over half of employees are provided with zero information on how to be green at work and that UK workers are increasingly finding it difficult to practise sustainability with no financial stake or responsibility in the matter.


Energy savings are crucial

One in seven (14%) of businesses said the survival of their company is entirely contingent on government support. It means that the urgency to improve employee behaviours within the office to lower energy bills, as well as increase recycling initiatives, is becoming crucial.

To this end, firms are beginning to embrace a comprehensive approach to carbon emissions measurement by incorporating carbon literacy assessments into their sustainability strategies.

To help with this, we offer a 12-month programme, EcoWise, which provides support for businesses and employees alike to reach net zero goals.


Lack of training

SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s study further highlights the current pitfalls and missed opportunities for companies to increase engagement, as only 18% of employees say that sustainability is now central to the training processes at their place of work. This comes as Deloitte’s recent survey found that a staggering 60% of respondents reported that they would be willing to pay more for sustainable products and services at work.


What is EcoWise?

Heralding the first employee-facing programme of its kind, SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s EcoWise offers a year-long course for employees and business owners to lower their carbon output at work and home.

It consists of carbon literacy assessments and educational articles, explicitly informing how staff can go about changing their behaviour to be more sustainable. Users can gain rewards, or Planet Points for them to spend in SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s home shop.

Companies can then see quantifiable data on the progress of their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) strategies so they can see their progress in real-time.

Unlike any other platform, EcoWise provides the tools and technologies to make these changes, from eco-friendly daily consumable swaps to a full home retrofit.


Staff retention

The proprietary research from SaveMoneyCutCarbon revealed that one in seven (14%) employees are now taking matters into their own hands as they feel their co-workers and managers do not address the wider issue. From switching jobs, declining offers and avoiding applications, it seems that if today’s modern workforce is not on board with a business’s ESG framework, then our journey to reaching net zero is significantly at risk. To this end, the newly launched EcoWise programme offers a scalable solution for large companies and start-ups to implement tangible results in reducing the carbon footprint of an organisation and the staff it employs.


Picture: Sustainability needs more focus in the workplace.

Article written by Mark Sait, CEO SaveMoneyCutCarbon
08th September 2023


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