Free Machinery Training

Emmegi (UK) says user error is now the biggest cause of machinery breakdowns - stemming directly from poorly trained operators. The company is offering free on-site training.

The aluminium machinery specialist’s offer is for one day of free training for any customer taking out a new Emmegi service contract.


 “Component failure on a CNC or saw is actually very rare if the machine is consistently operated in line with our training guide.”

– Wayne Hunter 

Operations manager, Emmegi (UK)



Training pays

“That means always running it at correct speeds, always keeping the cutters sharpened and making sure you avoid collisions which can cause hidden damage,” continues Emmegi’s Hunter. “We see some fantastic examples of customers who have kept their machines running reliably for many years and crucially at optimum performance levels simply by making sure everyone who operates the machine has been properly trained.

“The investment these companies make in training pays for itself just in terms of avoiding breakdowns. It also means they make the most of their machine’s features and capabilities.

“Unfortunately, the trap that too many companies fall into is allowing operators to train each other, which means things are inevitably missed and bad habits get passed on.


On install

“We provide operator training as standard when a new machine is installed. If the manufactured product portfolio changes or a new operator takes over, then we always recommend that customers call us to arrange an additional training session as soon as possible. When you compare the cost of that with the cost of replacing a component which has failed because the machine is operating incorrectly, then it’s a pretty simple equation.”

Picture: Emmegi (UK) is offering a free day of operator training to any customer taking out a new service contract.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
13th October 2022


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