Gerald's Amazing Technicolour Dream Coats

The colour brochure for installers to show customers and the brochure more aimed at fabricators.

Epwin's Gerald Allen and Clare O'Hara explain the technology behind the firm's colour coatings and the brochures produced to 'sell the dream' to homeowners.

Firstly, a new four-page brochure illustrating new colour offerings across six 'colour families', has been issued by Epwin Window Systems to help installers help consumers choose their perfect colour and finish.

The Colour Collection, as it’s known, features the six colour families which comprise of Heritage, Contemporary, Timber Grain, Black, Primary and Metallic ranges. The 30 colour options all reflect the modern trends in colour hues. 


 “Our colour range includes an expanded selection of attractive heritage tones, more of the popular contemporary greys and a new UltiMatt black finish, as well as new metallics to capitalise on the growing demand for aluminium alternatives.”

– Gerald Allen 

Marketing Manager, Epwin Window Systems


Standard or personalised

The new colour guide is available as a standard version or in a custom personalised format allowing fabricators and installers to add their own contact details and branding.  Both versions are available to download on the company’s dedicated marketing hub.


Group colours

The colour offering also features up to 16 Fast Track foil finishes which includes new colours Anthracite Grey Smooth, Cream on White, Sage, Claystone and Pebble Grey. Furthermore, Epwin Window Systems has worked closely with its sister companies within the Group to offer a range of matching trims and roofline products to help customers provide a seamless finish across an entire building envelope.

Allen concludes: “Our colour offer is the latest in series of colour developments to give our customers a competitive market advantage. And our useful colour retail guide will allow installers to present the colour offer to the consumer too.”


Fabricator focus

Menwhile EWS has also launched its new colour offering across its PVC-U system brands with a brochure aimed more at fabricators.


 “Our new colour offering has been designed to deliver what our customers need - making the most popular colour profiles available on their next delivery schedule as well as introducing new shades that look set to be the next trends in colour.”

– Clare O’Hara 

Managing Director, Epwin Window Systems


"It’s the latest in a series of major investments in colour so we can give our fabricator customers a market advantage (that they pass on to their installer customers) both now and into the future,” continues Epwin's O’Hara. "The new offer also includes 30 Made to Order options that reflect modern trends in colour selection.

“We’ve listened to our customers and looked at the market research so we could develop a range that suits all sectors and all tastes. We have also witnessed a growing trend towards both solid colours and smooth finishes which has been reflected in our new offering."


Grey substrate

Quality has also been escalated in the new offering. The use of a new grey substrate for grey foil finishes has been extended across most product groups, bringing a new level of finish to these popular shades. And complementary base colours now include white, tan, brown, cream and grey.

Picture: The colour brochure for installers to show customers and the brochure more aimed at fabricators.

Article written by Cathryn Ellis
09th July 2020


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