Building Success

“Marketing and sales are the scaffolding of our trade partners’ success, supporting the products and services which form the bricks and mortar of their business,” says Quickslide’s MD Ben Weber as he outlines new marketing and sales support to generate sales.

“We’ve spent a lot of time recently talking about our ‘bricks’ or products – including our new Legacy vertical slider with a slim midrail launching soon, yet we also want to reiterate just how much support we offer our trade partners beyond our latest products.”

For example, here are three new innovations Quickslide is working on to improve its marketing, ordering and delivery processes:


360° up-to-the-minute imagery

One new marketing support initiative is the creation of 360° images of the Legacy vertical slider and a bespoke web page that trade partners can include on their own websites. Not only will these assets allow trade partners to showcase Quickslide windows in a more engaging and informative way online, they’ll also automatically update with any developments and product changes. The idea is to increase brand awareness, generate more business and provide customers with a more positive experience, as well as helping them make the right, fully-informed choice.


End-to-end ordering

“We’ll soon be rolling out Touch, says Weber. “It is an end-to-end ordering system which means our trade partners can generate quotes and place their orders directly online. Some of our trade partners are currently trialling the system and already experiencing the benefits. We’ll be adding more partners in the next few months.

“Comprehensive training will be offered to make sure our users feel confident with the system. Ultimately, we want them to be able to place orders themselves, saving them time and giving them control over the process.”


Delivery tracking and notifications

To complement the 360° imagery and the ability to place orders directly online, is a smooth and efficient delivery process. “To aid this, we’re setting up delivery tracking as well as custom delivery notifications,” says Weber. “Our partners will be able to keep fully informed of the status of their orders and can set up notifications so they can better plan their day – no need to wait on site for a delivery. Text notifications can be set up for a time that suits the recipient. So, if you're nearby and want to know when your order is ten minutes away, you can do. Or, if you’re further afield and need more warning, you can request 30-minutes’ notice or whatever suits.”



Weber concludes: “Ultimately, these options we’re introducing are about saving our trade partners time and effort by giving them exactly what they need in order to market, sell and install our products effectively. And it goes without saying, our experienced sales professionals are still at the end of the phone as ever, supporting our partners throughout the process.

”We want to help our trade partners increase brand awareness, attract new customers, generate more leads and close more sales, while also providing their customers with a more positive experience. That’s why we regularly ask our partners what we can do to help.

”Doing this means our partners can focus on their business and doing what they do best. Helping to drive our partners’ success is one of the foundations our own success here at Quickslide is built upon.”


Picture: “We’ll soon be rolling out Touch, says Weber. “It is an end-to-end ordering system which means our trade partners can generate quotes and place their orders directly online.”

Article written by Brian Shillibeer
11th February 2024


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